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Designer and manufacturer of the US Marine Corps Lightweight Water Purification System (LWPS)

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Light Weight Purification System is the main purification system for the US Navy


LWPS deployed in humanitarian relief efforts and the new MPRO® 60HDX™ system


TECWAR® water purification and wastewater treatment systems are used for military field operations; potable and utility water in emergency response/disaster relief situations and for CBRN decontamination runoff treatment in the event of an unconventional terrorist attack.

TECWAR® systems are portable, scalable and modular, so they can be used in stand alone applications or in combination with each other. No other system offers the flexibility and adaptability to meet the ever changing field environment. TECWAR® Tactical Water Purification Systems are so unique that they are protected by US Patents and Trademarks.

Each TECWAR® system comes complete with all the components necessary to make them operational in the field and because TECWAR® systems are simple to operate, minimal training is required to make the systems fully functional. All TECWAR® systems can be operated and maintained by one operator and general maintenance and repairs require no special tools.

Advantages of TECWAR® Tactical Water Purification systems:

  • Portable; Modular; Scalable
  • Totally Self-Contained
  • Multi-fuel Engines
  • Proven Capability
  • Hardened for any Environment
  • Operation and Maintenance Friendly
  • Minimum Operator Training Required
  • Cost Effective; Highly Efficient and Secure Alternative to
    Bottled Water
  • Stand Alone; Standard Trailer Options
  • Utility and Design Protected by US Patents and Trademarks