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PRO™ 3000

In the photo above, the PRO3000 is shown in Angola during the
U.S. Army's final MASH unit deployment.

The Portable Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Unit was designed for the USMC, US Navy and SOCOM. It specifically addresses the need for a portable, lightweight, easily maintained, water purification unit capable of producing potable water from any water source.

The PRO3000 is a reverse osmosis (hyper-filtration) modular unit that is optimally equipped to achieve small scale, absolute water purification in any field condition. It was developed for use by highly mobile teams in remote areas or emergency and temporary sites. Its versatile footprint provides for self-contained potable water support without committing larger water production assets from a support structure. Thus, the PRO3000 is able to provide sustainable pure water support in expeditionary environments.

The PRO3000 has an easy access, open frame design and all connections are quick-release for easy maintenance and quick element or parts replacement. It is configured in an ultra-light weight, modular design to insure portability and adaptive layout. The PRO3000 is capable of purifying any source water, even nuclear, chemical and biological (NBC) contaminated water.