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Left: Oct. 29, 2010 - TerraGroup Corporation's President Primo L. Acernese speaks about the success of the LWPS during a visit from PA Representative Jennifer L. Mann and US Congressman Charlie Dent.

Right: March 16, 2012 - Completed LWPS system modules at the TECWAR SYSTEMS manufacturing facility.


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Uganda Africa

Date(s): 18-27 May 2018

LWPS New Equipment Training in Uganda Africa during 21-25 May 2018.
Personnel: Daniel Hillenbrand and David Taft
Participating Organization: VSE Corporation, Armaad Morman & Felicia Turner

Background: VSE Corporation purchased equipment and placed it in three countries - Uganda, Rawanda, Tanzania. VSE contracted TerraGroup to complete multiple training iterations for each of these locations to include an LWPS Course and a Maintenance Course.

1. Present LWPS New Equipment Training and Maintenance Courses to the Ugandan Peoples Defence Force

The training sessions went smoothly and successfully. Members of the UPDF expressed their appreciation for the equipment and training and presented TerraGroup representatives with a Ugandan flag that they signed and wrote on it expressions of gatitude and solidarity with the USMC and America.